From Dusk Till Dawn

After a bank heist, brothers Richie and Seth Gecko plan to head to Mexico to evade arrest. At a motel, Richie kills their hostage and their journey hits a hard spot, but, just when things could have gotten worse, the Fuller family shows up. Seth takes them hostage and the five successfully cross the border. The five pull to a bar called “The Titty Twister”, where Seth will meet his handler in the morning. When moon strikes, the stripper and workers turn into vampires and the survivors must soon fight for their lives.

The Titty Twister in Second Life:

The Titty Twister is a rather faithful recreation of the infamous bar/roadhouse from the movie From Dusk Till Dawn with George Clooney, Quentin Tarantino and Selma Hayek in Linden Lab’s virtual world of Second Life.

It started out as a little ‘pet-project’ for me, just decorating and building the sim, but I noticed right away that people seemed to like the mood and atmosphere and things kinda took flight from there. So I decided to further build it out and turn it into an interactive and atmospheric club with it’s focus on promoting live music and artists in Second Life.

The Titty Twister is a place to hang out with friends, chat (voice), dance, listen to music and most of all have fun! Most anything goes at the Titty Twister, however we have a 0-tolerance policy against any form of animosity or disrespect towards any or all of our patrons and visitors. Because of the tenor of the club and being on an adult sim we also don’t allow child avatars in our club or on the land. The decision to have voice enabled on the sim has been a very conscious decision to allow people to communicate and interact on various levels.

We regularly organize events with live music or games, about which you can stay up-to-date by subscribing via the subscription terminal to the right of the stage, by joining our VIP group or by regularly visiting this website ofcoarse.

* NOTE: during live events voice will temporarily be disabled out of respect for the live performers *

I most certainly hope you enjoy your stay(s) at the Titty Twister, meet new friends and have heaps of fun in the process and once again thank you for considering the Titty Twister as a place to party and hang out!

Best regards,



Landmark: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fireball/96/129/21
VIP’s: secondlife:///app/group/9e79cd08-4f74-5fd9-2877-62e8275548d3/about
Facebook: https://facebook.com/ttwistersl
Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/tittytwister
Discord: https://discord.gg/mMefz6Cpsn

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