Frequently asked questions about the Titty Twister:

The Titty Twister is a club/bar annex roadhoase in the virtual world of Second Life® for adults (18+) to gather and meet, enjoy good music and have a fun time. It’s also very much a place to promote live music and artists.

It is a club for and by the people. We do not have any fixed schedule or real form of management structure. The club is there for all and everybody to enjoy and it is for you as a patron and/or artist/dj/dancer to be part of, and responsible for it’s atmosphere and ambiance

You’re not obligated to create an account with us, although it greatly enhances you experience on our website.

This is first and foremost out of spam protection purposes. Second we also want to be the Titty Twister a community, and by registering with us you can interact with other patrons on our website and forums. It also enables us to keep you informed about upcoming events and simplifies the use of the website for you. You can also simply and easily register with us using one of your favorite or desired social media accounts like i.e. Facebook or Flickr

To see what exactly registering an account with us entails and which information we store about you upon registering, we kindly refer you to our Privacy Policy

No. We do not not have a fixed schedule and very much have a open stage policy. If you would like to perform or dj at the Titty Twister just get in contact with us by sending an email to: management@tittytwistersl.com

If you want to join the singles dances, click on the red dancepost left front of the stage, near the entrance or click the ‘Click to Dance’ sign on the dancefloor. To couples dance click the the dance machine above the stage or the pink calling post near the entrance

The Titty Twister is full of fun and interactive stuff. We strongly encourage to take a stroll around and click away to see what fun things we have put into the Titty Twister

Our AI bartender Pamela is always up for a chat, a game of trivia or available to hand you a cold beverage. You can simply click on her to start talking. When you are done just click her again

Our pooltable is a realistic physics one, which makes for an exiting game of pool with another opponent or a team

The backroom is especially for the lonely souls, and perhaps they will find their solace there…?

The drugs vendor does just that. It sells a nice and funny party drug that guarantees between 15 to 20 minutes of laughter, visuals and comedy

We have no fixed schedule or roster. The Titty Twister very much is an open stage for people with artistry to show their craft whenever they want. Would you be interested in performing at the Titty Twister, contact us at: management@tittytwistersl.com

The Titty Twister is a Second Life replica of the bar in the movie From Dusk Till Dawn, written by Quentin Tarantino. The movie is rated R and in most countries deemed suitable for audiences at the age of 18 or over. So, no you can not bring your children to the Titty Twister

No. Although the Titty Twister is a roadhouse and stripper bar, the Titty Twister is not a sex club. There are a lot of ‘tongue-in-cheek’ things throughout the club, but sex is not the main focus of our establishment

We are on an adult sim, so yes, it is perfectly fine to be naked at the the Titty Twister, although you should not run around ‘aroused’ around the club. The backroom might be a better place for that…

Yes. By default voice is enabled on our parcel. However, if we have a live performer (not a dj) we will turn voice off temporarily

To become a member of the Titty Twister VIP group you can click this link: secondlife:///app/group/9e79cd08-4f74-5fd9-2877-62e8275548d3/about

You can click on the neon ‘SUBSCRIBE’ sign to the right of the stage to subscribe to the Titty Twister. If you click it again you can unsubscribe.

The subscriber subscribes you to the Titty Twister. Through this we will keep you informed inworld about what events are taking place at the Titty Twister

The best advertisement of coarse is word of mouth and if you tell your friends about the Titty Twister and invite them for a visit

Furthermore you’re encouraged to put us in your picks in your Second Life profile

If you want to tip the house you can click on the tortilla vendor on the far left of the bar and grab a nice hot carnita

The Titty Twister Jukebox plays a mix of pop, rock, metal, classic rock, blues, lounge, countryrock and a novelty (fun or comedy) tune here and there. Every now and then of coarse also a track from the From Dusk Till Dawn original soundtrack will pass the revue. The jukebox also very much listens to what the audience likes, so if songs are requested from the jukebox they will automatically get played more regularly during the week. So the audience very much also decides the daily playlist and rotation

To request a song from the jukebox’s database you can go directly to: https://tittytwistersl.com/jukebox-request

All songs are alphabetically listed by artist. At the the top of the jukebox window you select the first letter of the artist. If you find your song, simply click the blue request button.

Many bands begin with ‘The’ so you might not want to forget and look under the ‘T’ aswell if at first you don’t happen to find your song

There is a slight delay between the post of your request and when it gets added to the playlist. Certain ‘events’ may get pushed forward at certain pre-programmed times, but in general you should hear your request within 15 minutes (depending on the lenght of the currently playing and queued songs)

Of coarse! If you think there’s a song that really should be in our jukebox send an email with your song to: jukebox@tittytwistersl.com and we’ll evaluate the track and subsequently add it to our database

Yes, you can take the Titty Twister with you everywhere you want. At home, in your car, on you bike, at friends, etc. Our stream is available 24/7 and you can listen to us anywhere. In Second Life on your land you can use this url: http://tittytwister.digistream.info:6006 or load this stream into your favorite audio player (we recommend VLC Media Player): http://tittytwister.digistream.info:6006/playlist.pls

You are required to, and it’s mandatory to stream on your own stream when performing at the Titty Twister. We however do things a little differently from other clubs when it comes to streaming…

The Titty Twister has it’s own dedicated stream: http://tittytwister.digistream.info:6006 (128kbps), for now catering up to 125 listeners. This stream runs a dedicated server with our carefully tweaked and programmed chain of audio processing devices for gain staging, phase correction, dynamic eq-ing, multiband compression, limiting and noise reduction

Once you are about to go live you start encoding on your stream which will then be relayed into and through our server. The rest will be handled automatically and there will always be someone available to give you a ‘GO’ once you go live

Why do we do this? It has multiple reasons and benefits:

  1. People stay on the Titty Twister’s stream at all times, no need to toggle or reset the stream (within the limits of Second Life and the amount of lag combined with the speed of your internet connection)
  2. Every and all audio goes through our audio processing chain ensuring a constant and well-balanced output volume on the stream. This means that our stream is a ‘set-and-forget’ one and once you set a certain volume each and all music will be at (and not exceed) that volume.
  3. It ensures us that we provide you with constant high quality audio (within the confines of the quality of the relayed audio source) when listening to us
  4. You can listen to us everywhere and always, no matter if it is the jukebox or a live artist or dj

We do not have adboards or such at the club. You could however rent an advertisement spot on our website and jukebox. Contact us at managament@tittytwitersl.com for more info

No, we do not hire the venue for a certain amount of ‘rent’. If you want to throw a party for friends and relatives, want to organize a try-out, do a release-party or anything all you have to do is contact us at management@tittytwistersl.com or via our contact page and detail your wishes and requests. If the venue is free and available you will have the venue at your disposal free of charge

However, you can’t ‘hire’ the venue for a private or a closed party. The Titty Twister is always open to everybody. If you want to throw a ‘below-the-radar’ event for your invitees we recommend doing as little advertising as possible

Work is a very broad description, but we’re always on the lookout for talented people, so if you think you posses a certain talent that could be benificial to the Titty Twister (artist, dj, dancer, photographer, blogger/content creator, moderator, manager) we’re always open to listen to your ideas and how we can incoöperate them into the Titty Twister. If you want to utilize your creative talent at the Titty Twister, feel free to contact us at: management@tittytwistersl.com

At the Titty Twister we very much promote live artists and Second Life, and we do indeed feature Second Life artists on our jukebox.

If you have one (or more) songs that you think should be featured on our jukebox, send us an email (wetransfer) with your songs (minimum 192kbps mp3 or higher audio formats like FLAC or WAV are preferred) to: jukebox@tittytwistersl.com

No. As with dj’s we have an open door policy when it comes to dancing/performing at the Titty Twister

However, if you think you have an exeptional skill in dancing and entertaining people, we can provide you with a tipjar that attaches to your avatar and you are most encouraged to entertain our patrons. Contact us at management@tittytwistersl.com for an application

We have a couple of dancepads on the bar and all the arches at the 1st level also contain a dancemenu

The Titty Twister is a very hang loose and friendly place where a lot of coarse is very tongue-in-cheek and for comedy/fun purposes. It should all not be taken to seriously and with a healthy dose of humour and open-mindedness. We are friendly towards any form or shape of intelligent being and everybody is equally welcome at the Titty Twister. We can unfortunately not please and cater to everybody. If you ended up at the Titty Twister and are reading this webpage you hopefully should have gotten a gist of what to expect at our venue, and thus should be prepared for an eventual naked avatar or risque comment in local chat. Most anything goes at the Titty Twister and seeing that we are an 18+ venue we expect our patrons to use within the limits of fun and humour a reasonable amount of intelligence and common sense.

If you however feel offended in any way or form about something or somebody at the Titty Twister please drop us a line at management@tittytwistersl.com and we’ll quickly try to resolve any matter as desireful as possible

Feel free to contact us at info@tittytwistersl.com or go to our contact form should you not find an answer in our FAQ so we can provide you with an adequate answer and add it to this document aswell